I was listening to one of those free internet music services the other day at work ( Ha, yes I can do that sometimes but not all the time).

I’m somewhere in Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 land when an ad comes on interrupting my wayward train of thought.

The ad is for ad free music.

I tend to make notes throughout the day on things I see or hear that are sad or funny or absurd or a combination, pick any two or all three.

Here’s last Friday’s note:

Driving to work I stop at the light like I’m supposed to and I make eye contact with a guy leaning against a grey wall of house that has seen better days.  Both of them are ragged and haggard and it’s hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.  I know – snap judgement but I trust my instinct on this one.

The guy makes eye contact back, I suppose there is not such a thing as one way eye contact and I realize for the first time ever that we all make eye contact all day with people we’ll never see again.   All those eye contacts wasted.

This fellow will never see me and I’ll never see him again.

One time many years ago, crossing a street in mid-town Manhattan I made eye to eye contact with a woman and I swear that time stood still for what seemed like forever but neither of us stopped.  We kept right on going.

I still often wonder if that moment was a break in the cosmos for me, my door to another reality.

I kept going. I walked right through that out of body experience back into my body.

There’s a line in a not inconsequential favorite song of mine that goes like this, as a matter of fact it goes exactly like this:

” Well, I guess your chances come but once and boy I sure missed mine.”

Extra credit if you know the tune without resorting to the keyboard and the all knowing whatever it is out there that’s taking over our lives.

Go outside, make eye contact and walk through that door.