More on the title later on down the page.

As self appointed Commissioner of the FPRBL ( Front Porch Radio Baseball League) I get to see a lot of life pass by while I’m on the porch.  The Radio League, for the uninitiated, is solely a creation of mine wherein I listen to radio broadcasts of the National Pastime.

Summer is officially two weeks or so away but a baseball game on the radio on a night like tonight is about as close to summer as you can get before June 21st.

From the porch I watch runners, walkers, bikers, people walking dogs, dogs walking people, drivers observing the speed limit, drivers who think the posted 25mph is only a suggestion and as darkness fell this evening the subject of tonight’s post.

Oui, les Fireflies have returned.  It’s the first week of June and they have arrived pretty much right on schedule.

You got your robins in the Spring, leaves turning in the Fall, the first flurries in December and Lightning Bugs in June.

As for the Front Porch Radio  I have a choice of following the local nine on either the AM or FM band.  I prefer the scratchy, trebly fade in, fade out sound on the AM side of the dial.  It reminds me of my teenage days.

As kids we never listened to FM, somehow it seemed to belong to another class of social strata into which I was not born.

AM, now, well, it was everywhere, democratic and it provided the rock and roll soundtrack to my wonder years.

So AM it is.  So baseball it is.  Hello Summer 2016.