I wasn’t sure how to frame this, either as my two  friends at their favorite coffee haunt or to just come right out and tell the story with no set up or pretending.

Sans pretending…

I was having a conversation with someone I didn’t know, the set up doesn’t matter and I mentioned someone I thought the other person might know.

The response was, ” I know the name.”

For some reason I can’t allude to right now I took offense at the words “The Name.”

“The Name” belongs to a person and should, I think, be honored with “his’ or “her”, not just a “the”.  And when was the last time I ended a sentence with the word ” the”?  Probably never.

And how would a sentence ending with a “the” be diagrammed?  Does anyone diagram sentences anymore?  It seemed so useless when I had to do it all those years ago.

My laptop’s internal grammar police brain doesn’t seem to care.

In other ” News You Can Use”….

If I search a certain topic on a certain site darned if  a boat load of related ads don’t immediately show up on another social media platform.  I’m suggesting here that we revolt against algorithms recommending anything at all bless their pointy little chips.

So I’ve started randomly searching for things I hope have no advertising attached like:

Fish farming in Brazil, Race cars in Borneo, Baseball at the North Pole.  Get the recommended picture?

See how obtuse you can get in an effort to throw off the overlords of tendencies and ads.

And remember that ” the ” name belongs to a his or a her.

Thanks, I feel better and I hope the sun comes out today.

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