With a nod to George of course.

Had us a sunny day.  Loads of bright and brilliant sunlight all over town.  Sun glasses all over the place and then it hits me.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had mostly cloudy and rainy weather which draped everything in  dull, flat shades of grey.  No depth to anything, no dimensions, nothing standing out.

The sun this morning from my view at the Coffee Palace ( not the real name) created loads and loads of shadows.  Trees with filled with fifty percent of their leaves provided weak shade but nonetheless it was a break in the visuals.

Red brick buildings with the sun rising in the east making shade on the west side.  Long straight lines of shade on the north side of the walls.  Beautiful shapes of shade, mostly angular straight, straight lines.

And me, walking along with my shadow on the right, working around behind to my left and then in front of me.  An exact copy of me on the sidewalk keeping perfect pace with me.

So, yeah, we missed the sun but we didn’t realize what else we had missed.