It had been rainy or cloudy for so many days in a row ( eleven in all) that the weather was no longer a matter to be discussed in polite conversation.  It just was what it was.

People stopped grousing about it and calmly accepted their fates to be more wet than dry and to be deficient in the Vitamin D department unless one was taking supplements.

It was against this backdrop that life began to return to normal on the west end of town.  Normal in that the local college had completed finals for the spring semester, the seniors had graduated and the only students left were those who were working in town for the summer or taking classes.  The campus was fairly deserted.

Once again there was ample parking and most importantly the local coffee hangout was wonderfully free of students hogging tables and the complimentary wi-fi. Finally no more  ordering coffee concoctions so complicated that the line for a simple cup of coffee was wrapped around the counter into the screen free zone.  The place no longer looked like an Apple Store with rows and rows of Macs.

Sanity had returned and there was peace in the valley.  She was pretty happy.

” You know,” she said, ” I think that some people are just meant to be broken all the time and no amount of wishing and hoping can fix them.  They don’t even know how deep the hole is that they’re in and they don’t seem to care.”

He wondered what had brought on this depressing and uncalled for train of thought.

She went on, ” I have this friend and he seems to attract people who are damaged in many ways and he tries to fix them only they don’t know they’re damaged and so they keep on doing what they’ve always been doing.  It’s what they know, it’s what makes them feel comfortable.”

He thought a minute, took a slow sip from his coffee and said,” I guess it’s pretty bad when being unwell is your comfort zone.”

” Yeah,” she said, “And this guy might be just as unwell, as you put it for continually going back time after time trying to fix what seems to be irretrievably broken.”

” You’re not talking about me are you?” he asked laughing.

” No, let’s change the subject ok?”

” Sure. How about this?”

” Here’s one thing I’ve noticed about human nature based on the weather for the last week and a half.  It’s been rainy, cool and somewhat gloomy. Right?”

” But that first afternoon when the sun appeared everyone’s spirits suddenly rose up and the last eleven days were instantly forgotten.”

He leaned back and smiled.  ” I agree and here’s my take on the weather and how it affects people.”  He went on.

” Try this… Start a conversation in say, June when it gets warmer, about the seasons and I bet most folks will say …Well, we really didn’t have a Spring, it was cold, then it rained a lot and then it got hot.”

” Exactly,” she said, ” And the point being that Spring is exactly what we had, cold, wet and then warm.  I love to watch the trees take weeks to sprout leaves and come into their full canopies.”

“So,” he continued, ” How do these two topics, broken people and Spring not Spring relate to one another?”

” They really don’t but I enjoy watching people and the weather and it being a lovely Spring in progress makes everything seem to stand out more.”

His cup was about empty and he said,” Are you going to write about our conversation today?”

Now it was here turn to smile and she said, ” Of course, writing keeps me from going insane.”

He laughed as he pushed his chair back from the table.  ” How are you going to wrap up your little story?”

She said, ” You just did.”