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It’s a long way to pay off the title but stay with me.

I left the house today and took off for downtown on my trusty bicycle.  Halfway into the trip I realized I was sans telephone.  I could have used it for a few interesting pictures but in reality I would have been waiting for that Pavlovian response when it vibrated and let me know that the outside world was looking for me.

I continued pedaling into town bound for the library, the bank and coffee.  One of my latest neurotic tendencies is to stare at the phone when it lies ( lays?) dormant.  And then I think – yeesh – I’m becoming one those people.  You know the sort who are obsessed with that little piece of plastic and glass and circuit boards.

To the title before I get too far.  There’s John Prine tune called ” Blow Up Your TV” and you can look it up if you wish.  I’m not gonna insert a video.  It’s a great piece of work and as a rail against modern time wasting conveniences it’s right on.  Substitute cell phone for TV and it still works.

As Grouch Marx once said. ” TV is very educational.  Every time I turn it on I go into another room and read a book.”  He really did say that.

So I survived my sojourn without that little devil in my back pocket.  It’s pretty amazing that I can pick it up, punch a few buttons and talk to someone anywhere on the planet or order a pizza or buy a car or finance a mortgage.

Amazing though is not always good.  Maybe that should have been the title.

However, on the amazing front a good friend tells me that the Space Station will be visible tonight in my corner of the night sky around 8:29pm.  I saw the flyover on Saturday evening. It’s much faster than a plane and displays no running lights.

I suggest you hop over to the NASA website and see if the station will be traveling through your neck of the woods tonight.  The whole trip across my field of view takes about three minutes as it’s zooming along at 17,500 miles per hour as in 17 thousand mph!

Now that’s amazing.  Put the phone down and go outside tonight.  I want a full report.  But don’t call or text me.