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In no particular order – sort of a catch all from the week so here we go:

News Item – Space Archaeologist  discovers new Viking settlement in North America.  Space Archaeologist ?  When did that become a job?  I missed that along the way but it sounds like a great way to make a living – playing with satellites and dirt.  Where do I sign up?

On a run this afternoon and chatting with the neighbors:

Neighbor #1 -Two miles in –  I say tomorrow is Opening Day for Major League Baseball.  He says he doesn’t care but is happy that today is the First Day of Trout Season in PA. I wonder who threw out the first fish?

Neighbor #2 – Three miles in – I pause at a stand of evergreens that have suffered wind damage from yesterday’s storm.  There are branches on the ground but strangely only from one tree in the middle of the stand.  We ponder the randomness of the destruction and decide that ” When it’s your time to go it’s your time to go.”

Finally – Three miles in – I see a guy walking his dog while riding his bike.  His bike, not the dog’s bike.  The guy is talking on the phone, his phone, not the dog’s phone.  The dog’s leash is wrapped around his waist, his waist, not the dog’s waist.

Let’s recap, riding a bike with a dog’s leash attached to your belt and you’re on the phone.  At least he wasn’t texting while riding, the guy not the dog.

The dog would know better.