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We, the undersigned, The Children and Teenagers of America, have a bone to pick with you,  ” Adult Politicians and Adults in the News Media of America.”

We are sick and tired of you referring to the actions of certain presidential candidates as “childish” or ” acting like a 5 year old” or ” immature.”

We’re kids for heaven’s sakes and we know better.

In the future ( assuming there is one by the time we grow up) we request that you describe the boorish behavior of certain candidates as ” being like grumpy old men” or ” acting like a 90 year old” or ” senior citizen like.”  See how grandpa likes them apples.

Don’t lay this circus on us or we will cut off your Medicare and Social Security as soon as we are able.  The kids are all right to coin a phrase that’s already been coined.

Give us the vote and take it away from anyone over 18 years old. If there is a stupidity test in order to vote then clearly most adults we know have passed with flying colors.

To sum up.  Kids may act like kids but we know better.  Adults who act like kids also know better but choose not act like grown ups.

So, if these two guys are acting like jerks please call them jerks.  Leave us out of it.