I was an English major after all…I often link my creativity on these pages, (well, they’re not really pages anymore now are they?)

I’ve  linked the creative side of my brain directly to the running side of my brain and they meet somewhere in the middle of my oxygen infused brain in a happy handshake and hug and eventually lead to the keyboard and this page which really isn’t a page as we know that pages used to be composed completely of paper and so good luck with that.

Words and Running – here goes…

I noticed in between couch naps induced by the Daytona 500 a few weeks back that what used to be the ” Medical Facility” at the track is now the ” Care Center.”

Care Center is a softer, more kindly, not scary way of saying there is an ER located on the infield.  Because Emergency Room  would indicate that one could seriously injured making umpty nine left turns at 200 miles per hour if something should go amiss.

Talked with a friend last night about his dad’s upcoming ” procedure” which the dad insists is not an operation.  Seems to me if your chest gets shaved, swabbed with betadine, you get knocked out for a couple of hours and there are surgeons involved then you are have what we used to call in the old days – “Surgery.”

Procedure is a softer, more kindly blah, blah blah see above.

I probably could have titled this post something like “Words are what you make them and not always what they seem to mean.”

I forgot to mention that this post is brought to you by the good folks and me who ran 4 miles today on a glorious afternoon.

The weather is getting warmer, the runs are getting longer.

Looks like the word business is picking up.