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Watched the Olympic Marathon trials from the West coast Saturday afternoon while here on the East coast.  This which coast thing is important so stay with me.

Watched the whole broadcast from top to bottom, stem to stern, front to back inside and out.

The Men’s race kicked  off at 10 am PTLTSAMT  (Pacific too late to start a marathon time) and the Women followed later at around 10:15 am local time which is also too late to start a marathon anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

And why you might ask? Isn’t say 8am a good time to start a marathon anywhere?  There are two reasons why not.  They are called TV and TV Money.  You probably do have a TV but not TV Money.

You see, TV and TV Money which are the source and cure for all of our problems decided that I wanted to watch the trials at 1pm in my basement on Saturday afternoon instead of at 11 am which would have been the viewing time had the race started at a reasonable hour.

Reason has no pull when it comes to TV and TV Money.  Witness countless World Series games trudging  into the seventh inning at 11 pm and later at that precious east coast time.

I rest my case and I’m leaving the Supreme Court out of this.