Ya got your winners and losers.  It was a boring game.  I’ve seen better football played between the Bills and Jets.  Grade D

Commercials – Constipation or diarrhea take your pick. Grade D

The Super Bowl baby commercials were vaguely disturbing to say the least.  What are we trying to say?  Who Cares?  Grade F

Every blow ’em up movie trailer looked interchangeable with similar special effects and plot lines.  All the commercials I saw may have been for the same movie.  Hard to differentiate between super heroes, super villains and explosions.  Grade F

Halftime show colors and visuals looked like a tribute to Sgt. Pepper.  Grade C only because of my vague reference to Beatles, otherwise D.

Pre game Blue Angels flyover – Grade B only because while a flyover is exciting I have to wonder as a taxpayer what it cost me to have those jets circling over Encino until we hear ” And the Home of the Brave.”  Internet estimates for flyover price tag between 100,000 and 450,000 dollars.  You’re welcome NFL.

All commercials and movies which make animals talk and sell anything should be banned forever.

In the pretentious category the NFL gets an A+.  Hands down, no contest.

And finally this is the question we all ask as soon as the game ends:

” When do pitchers and catchers report?” Grade A+++++++

PS – It’s February 18, 2016.

Play Ball, and the home of the Brave!!! ( no flyover required)