I don’t actively go looking for funny things.  I happen upon them in the course of everyday life.  Simple things like reading a newspaper, remember newspapers?

I stumbled upon what is obviously a press blurb churned out by the flacks in the PR department at CBS.

Like many or most of you I am the proud owner of a ZAS, that is, after years of surfing the internets I now have a Zero Attention Span.

Witness the fact that tv commercials are short, flashy and filled with pop ups that are desperately trying to grab our attention.  The problem is though that as these ads get quicker and quicker our ability and interest to process them keeps heading down to zero as in ZAS.

So, armed with my ZAS I started to read a newspaper article where upon I skimmed the title.  It failed to register, skimmed the article.  It too failed to register until I came upon the following paragraph which did and from which I will quote word for word:

” Brain Dead ” follows a young Capitol Hill staffer who gets her first job in Washington only to discover that alien spawn have come to Earth and eaten the brains of a growing number of congressman and staffers.” ( Hilarity ensues- My words).

Say what?  So I read it again and again trying to avoid the obvious conclusion that something like this has already happened and so why should this be news to anyone?

While I’m trying to make sense of the paragraph I glance back to the title of the piece which informs me that ” Brain Dead” is a new Sci-Fi Comedy.  Get it aliens, spawn, Congress, Sci- fi comedy?  What will those wacky Hollywood types come up with next?

So, what does this tell us grasshoppers?  Slow down, take your time, read ALL the words in the order in which they are printed lest you think or say something stupid.

I forgot to mention that someone in the PR shop called the show a ” comic sci-fi thriller.”  That’s almost more genres than I process in one sitting because as you already know I have ZAS.