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Donald Trump announced today that his first act as President would be to ship the Statue of Liberty back to France.  ” And I’ll make them pay for it too,” he added.

“Let’s face it,” he continued, ” Liberty Island is prime New York oceanfront property with great views of Lower Manhattan, which I own and the Atlantic  Ocean, which I also own.  I have no exact plans for the island as yet but I assure you whatever I do will be great.  You’re gonna love it.” ” I’ll even toss in Ellis Island.  They can have that too.”

Ted Cruz said he would make a deal to send the Statue to his ancestral homeland of Canada or Cuba whichever country wanted it more or whichever one he was currently a citizen of besides the US.

Chris Christie also said something but no one was listening.

Trump concluded his announcement with the following,” After all, my grandparents did not come to this country to see it ruined by immigrants.”