Found myself at the 30th Street Railroad Station on Sunday with a ticket for my destination which would be home.

30th Street Station in Philadelphia is a monument to the time when rail travel was king and railroads wielded enormous economic and political power.  Fast forward to today where Amtrak is run by the government and is consistently underfunded by those fellows at the end of the line in Washington, DC.  For me it’s the only way to travel.

The station is one of my favorite places to be.  I have loads of pleasant memories in Philadelphia mostly marathon related.

On Sunday morning while waiting for train 663 I saw a small group of indoor sparrows hopping along the floor picking up crumbs. They had gotten in through an open door for sure but I wondered how and if they ever would be able to get back out.  Maybe they were in the neighborhood and were attracted by the warmth of an open doorway.

In any case food seemed to be easy to find.  Not sure about water without a trip to a restroom.

I’m also not sure about their long term survival without finding an open door at exactly the right moment.  There didn’t seem to be any cats on the premises.