No More Calls – We have no winner in the latest contest.  ” Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” is from the Rodgers and Hart musical ” Pal Joey.”  We only had one half hearted guess.

On to other things as in : TEXTING !

I’m only going to say this once ” Do not text while pushing a shopping cart at the supermarket.”  Someone is going to get hurt when you knock over that 7 foot display of Pork and Beans between aisle 2 and 3.  There’s probably 100 cans stacked up there and you’ll be sadder but wiser when it all comes crashing down on Grandma and her grandson who is most likely a personal injury lawyer.

In other optimistic supermarket news I saw a neat cardboard display of vegetable and sunflowers seeds near aisle 7.  I say optimistic because this is not seed planting time around here anyway and if you did buy seeds with the intent of planting them that you would or I would probably forget which drawer I had put the seeds in for safe keeping.

Then spring would roll around and I’d be asking myself, ” Now where did I put that Mammoth Sunflowers seed packet?” and  ” Anybody remember where I put the zucchini seeds?”  In the long run it’s much easier to buy two tomato plants in May and plop them in the ground.  And there would be no lawyers involved.