No, no links to The Who but I am borrowing the title of that song.

Thinking out loud to myself today about another year on the horizon, another winter to slog through, another trip around the sun.

Ran into a number of musicians last night at a pot luck jam session.  Most everyone was in their 50’s to 60’s to 70’s and probably beyond.  This crowd skews gray or grey.  Whatever.

One participant was around 6 years old and kept running around the hall not causing any concern for anyone of us who have raised 6 year olds but probably giving his parents fits.  So it goes.  Been there, done that.

The thinking out loud part was this:  As I look back at the years when I was in my teens, and my 2o’s and so forth.

As a teenager I thought my generation was the coolest ever, our music was always going to be the best and we were for sure going to change the world – Wrong.

We thought we discovered sex – Again wrong.

Thought we were the first smart and bright and revolutionary generation to ever attend college – Wrong again.

Absolutely knew we would raise only smart and clear thinking kids.  As if we had uncovered the true essence of parenting – Uh, no.

Knew we could  change world through hard work and idealism- Missed on that one too.

Hoped that if only everyone thought like us and shared our values that the world would be a better place for all – Nope.

Think that we have unlocked the mysteries of getting older ( which I think we pretty much still refuse to do – get older that is) and that answer is no.

Have a plan for when we and everything falls apart – Sorry, that ain’t happening either.

From my vantage point being the age that I am I realize how little control I have – Finally got one right.

The pivotal line in the song is ” Hope I die before I get old.”

I say, no you don’t.  You really don’t.  You want to get old because too many people don’t get that chance.  You want to get old because this world needs your wisdom and your charity  and your hopes to make it a better place

All that stuff from when you were 15 years old and yesterday is over.

It might have taken a while ( like most of your  and my adult life) to figure it out.  I’m still figuring it out and am pretty happy that I’m  around to have the chance.

See what happens when you think out loud?