The coffee shop was fairly empty and quiet  with the local college students away on semester break.  The ones who normally  sprawl over two tables and three chairs in pursuit of their degree in social media while writing a paper were gone and wouldn’t be back for another two weeks.

He was there with his friend who was feeling kind of low.  A quiet cup of coffee was exactly  what she needed to climb out of her late December Thursday hole.

” This year December has just worn me out.  Too much going on, too many expectations, some self inflicted, some just outright dumped on me and some like an unavoidable pothole in the middle of the road.  It gets to be too much.”

He nodded.

” Right now I’m feeling like the best friends I have are my running shoes and a five mile run.”

As a runner he completely understood.  Yes he did.

She went on,  ” Five miles to clear out my brain, think a few new thoughts and plan a few new plans. Yup, a five miler is what I need.”

They both looked out the window at the same time as snow flurries were beginning to fall.

” Drink up,” he said.  It’s a beautiful day for a run, I hear the road calling and we don’t want to waste this chance to be crazy and happy at the same time. ”

She smiled.  ” Crazy and happy sounds like a great resolution for the new year.”