Catching up from a few weeks of no creativity sparked by a few weeks of no running.  They are linked.  It’s a fact.  Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Thanksgiving at Uncle Louie’s ( not his real name) was uneventful.  Once again I am thankful that the cable didn’t go out.

Uncle X kept his mouth shut and Aunt Center of Attention reprised her performance of 2014 where she was the center of attention.  I believe we can retire the trophy if she wins it three years in a row.

There were several winners in the ” Fall asleep after dinner on the couch” competition.  I chose not to participate so if you see a photo of someone  snoring who looks like me on social media it’s not me.

Caught this item in the local sports pages.  We have a homegrown boxer who has an upcoming match.  Local boy’s record going into the bout is 5 -12 -1 as in 5 wins, 12 losses and 1 tie.  Local boy should maybe better find a new line of work.  Statistics don’t lie.

Gas was 30 cents a gallon cheaper across the Jersey state line for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Had I known that I would have driven up on fumes and filled up in the Garden state.

Quick – which is the only state I know of where you are prohibited from pumping your own gasoline?  It’s initials are NJ.  Can someone explain this to me?

Finally, here is my retail boxscore from Black Friday, Small Town Business Saturday, Something, Something Sunday, Cyber Monday and the Tuesday Give whatever that might be.

Friday – bought nothing.

Saturday-  small coffee and scones at my small local small town small business small coffee shop.

Sunday – Those New York Football Jets.

Monday – I forget.

Tuesday – Huh?

One more finally and let’s see a show of hands on this ok?  After watching umpteen football games on Thanksgiving and countless car commercials I pose the following question.

How many of you are expecting to wake up on Christmas morning and find a brand new Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, Buick or Cadillac in your driveway topped with a big red bow and delightfully accented by just the thinest dusting of pure white snow?

Hah – I thought so !  Does anyone buy anyone a brand new car, have it gift wrapped and delivered on Christmas Day?  What planet do these car advertising people live on?

Thanks, I’m done.  I feel better and  now I might go buy something like another cup of coffee for small town Friday.