A keen eyed follower of this space has informed me that a runner who entered the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday went left instead of right ( See my previous post) as opposed to me who went right instead of left and completed the full marathon.

The full story is here:http://6abc.com/society/teen-accidentally-runs-full-philadelphia-marathon/1096751/

If the link doesn’t work I’m sure you all know how to look this stuff up by your own bad selves or get your kids to do it.

But apparently it’s true.  So a tip of the hat to the kid.

Thanks for all the likes, it’s nice to get positive feedback especially on something that’s important to me and clearly all of you.

My purpose in writing that post was a reminder not take things or myself too, too seriously especially when I look around the world today.

If I had gone left instead of right I probably would have gotten a room at the Manayunk Hilton where I’d still be holed up.