If you’ve run the Philadelphia Marathon you know there is a point about 12.5 miles into the race where the course splits left and right.  Go left and it’s another 13 miles.  Stay right and the finish line for the half comes into view.

Yesterday knowing myself as well as a runner can I took the fork in the road towards the cheers and leaned right as looked left and waved the full and what would have been my last marathon goodbye.

Undertrained and trailing nagging injuries is not how I wanted to run a full marathon yesterday.  I took the pass and will always have the pleasant memory of my seven previous Philadelphia Marathons.

I wrestled with my decision for the first six miles and at six I realized that I didn’t have another twenty in the tank but I sure could dial up a seven point one.

I probably could have run 18 miles yesterday but that would have left me many miles from the finish line and headed in the wrong direction.

Discretion, in the long run, is the better part of not being stupid and a left turn at the split would have been a nightmare.

So there was really no ” Lady or the Tiger” decision to be made.  I’m glad  I knew which way I was going to go when I got to the point where I would have had to decide because who knows what would have been going on in my head if I had to choose in real time at the exact time I would have had to made that choice.  Got all that?  I probably would have stopped running and caused all kinds of running traffic problems.

I finished the half with a fine sprint, got my gear and finishers’ medal and never looked back wondering or wishing or hoping what might have been.

I’ve graduated to being a confirmed half marathoner from here on out.  Another full might be fun but I’m done.  Running more halfs definitely will be fun.

The weather was great, heard  Bill Rodgers speak at the expo, bought some guaranteed instant pain relief cream which sorta works.  Bill and the Mayor were at the starting line working the crowd.

The crowds were terrific as usual, almost everyone had a smile on their face and that includes me when I crossed under that big banner that read “Half Marathon Finish Line.”