Crazy, cranky, nervous, happy, unhappy, worried, confident, obsessed, compulsive, irrational, calm, collected and double checking the packing list daily just to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything like socks or shorts or energy bars or sunglasses or body glide or shoes or your confirmation email.

Mood swings and thoughts ranging from “Why did I do this to myself again?” to ” I think I can do it” to ” I got this” ( note – this thought does not occur often during taper).

I’m visualizing the course and also the wait at the starting line.  What do I wear extra and when do I toss it?  What snacks to I carry and when do I eat them?

Makes me crazy but it keeps me sane if that makes sense.  If you’ve run 26 then I think you get it.  I think I get it.  By 1 pm on Sunday afternoon it will be a wonderful and sore memory.

I can’t wait.  That’s the true translation for the word ” taper.”

Bill Rodgers is scheduled to speak at the Expo.  Watch this space to see if I get to meet him.