Having a good day.  Feet don’t immediately hurt getting out of bed in the morning.  Blue sky, cool temps and big plans.  I’m on a roll and I haven’t even gotten started yet.

I’m at my local farmers’ market or as we locals refer to it, ” Market.” Say you went to Market everyone knows where.  Not “The” Market, just Market.  It works.

The morning is chilly so I slip on my  jacket with the logo that proudly proclaims ” Philadelphia Marathon, 2005.”  The logo is grey on a black jacket, nothing flashy.  I bought it back in the old days when the marathon provided chicken soup and other refreshments to all finishers and the expo was in a tent at the start/finish line.  Is soup still on the menu?  Is there still a menu?  I don’t know, doesn’t matter.

At market purchasing apples and a youngish adult spots behind the counter sees the logo and asks ” Did you run the marathon?”

I proudly say yes and add that I’m planning to run another one on Sunday.  Heh, heh, ain’t I great or what?

He says, and I quote,” Well, pardon me for saying this but you look kinda old to run a marathon.”

The comment was not intended to be mean, just an honest observation I suppose. Two points for honesty.

We continue to talk about nothing in particular but then I move on to pick some other essentials like brownies and pears.

Looking forward to a sunny day and a long, cool run on Sunday with the wind at my back and that brownie in my pack.  Kinda old?  Why I oughta …

Mostly I just laugh at myself.  And remember to use the episode as a reminder not to take myself or Sunday too seriously.  The finish line?  I’ll get there when I get there.  After all, I’m kinda old.  Ha!