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Today is Wednesday, October 28th.  According to my desktop countdown gizmo I have 23 days and 16 some odd hours to 7:00am on Sunday, November 22nd which not coincidentally is when the flag drops on the starting line at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon.

My starting corral is so far back…It’s so far from the front that I will enjoy full and private use of my choice of a porta john well after the official start at 7am.

And it really doesn’t matter when you cross the start since your chip time is your chip time and all you have to do is deduct 25 or 30 minutes from each mile market clock for your ballpark time until your brain fuzzes over and you don’t care what time it is.

Then you start to play mileage math.  Let’s see I just passed 15 so that means – Dang  -still 11 to go.  You get the picture.

I have installed the ten day Philadelphia weather forecast on the bookmarks bar but have not been checking it obsessively just yet.  Mostly I’m waiting, running  and waiting for that Sunday a couple of weeks hence.

I can’t say the ” Hay is in the Barn” since my training is not quite complete and frankly with 23 days ( see above) to go all the hay that I need to put in the barn will not happen.  How can you be out of time with three weeks to go?

Easy – With 26 miles looming after a summer of nagging injuries the hay or training or miles are all a bit on the short side.  Surely enough to cover 13.1 and maybe even get to the 18 or 19 neighborhood.  But big bopper 26 is gonna be a reach.

Honestly, it’s always a reach and that’s what makes it so desirable and compelling isn’t it?

If we all knew that running 26 was a breeze then it wouldn’t hold the anticipation it does on the starting line or the meaning that it does at the finish line.

There’s a line for a future post eh?  ” The Meaning at the Finish Line.”