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The PF (Plantar Fasciitis) saga continues and as we head into mid October and with Philadelphia only 37 days away I’m fighting the calendar and the lost miles.

Here’s the odd thing about all this – I can run fine.  It only hurts when I walk or laugh.

No, seriously I can run though not at the mileage levels I should be running but I can run.  It’s when I stop that it all falls to pieces.

Too early to make a decision about what I’ll do on that Sunday morning in November.  Drop to the half, go for all 26 or stay home for the weekend are my options.

I suppose I could walk all 26 miles.  Is there a Clif Bar Pace team for that?

I’ve tried every PF remedy known to modern running science except, except, except the one cure all that will cure all my fascia woes and that is to put my running shoes someplace I can’t see them so I can’t put them on, so I can’t lace ’em up and I can’t head out the door.

I see Dr. Sports Doc on Monday and we’ll see what he says after I present him with my weekend mileage report. In the meantime…