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I’ve been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis issues all summer hereafter known as PF.  I’m stretching, icing, not stretching, not icing, yogaing, not yogaing and nothing is working.  So I go to my new Doc who it turns out is a Runner.  Hurray pour moi !

He pokes my foots, bends it one way and the other and says and I quote ” You don’t have PF.”

Say What?  No, what you have is I’m guessing is an issue with your sular nerve that runs down your calf and through your heel.  The irritation can be caused by trauma.  Trauma?  Me?

I jog my running brain cells and recall that I rolled that ankle not once but twice back in June which is when all the trouble began.

I get an x ray which reveals no broken bone and a referral to a sports doc for next week.

And, of course, being a runner now that I have been given a PF reprieve I figure, well, hell, since it’s not PF I might as well run the half tomorrow which is today which I did.  I knew that if I asked Mr. Doctor about running a half he would probably say it would be a bad idea and that would be a problem.

So I didn’t ask and guess what?  Problem solved!

You can do your own interweb self diagnosing on your own sular nerve.  Suffice to say that it is sometimes removed and transplanted in the prostate to restore, well, what has been taken out.

The sular responds to ice and ibuprofen.  In fact I am now soaking in a solution of ice water laced with ibuprofen cause the little bugger hurts like hell.  My sular currently is not responding to anything so I suspect that I may need to add alcohol to the mix.  Not the soaking solution, my internal solution.

It turns out it wasn’t the shoes.  In fact this morning I went to the shoe pile, picked out a worn pair, slipped in the insoles and off I went.

Anyone else have any knowledge or experience this mysterious sular nerve?  Happy to say that with my 13.1 this morning I’m pretty much back on track for Philadelphia in November pending what the SD ( Sports Doc) says and whether I listen to him or not.  After all, I am a runner.