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One – The sun is still hot.

Two – The air is still warm.

Three – The breeze is a little cooler.

Ok, four things – The shade is the coolest it’s been since May.

Hazards – acorns everywhere underfoot.  Is it just me or does the grass look greener during this time of year?

Coming off my rest week I’m back into training.  Legs and wind are willing – head – not so much.  I’m pretty sure that marathon readiness panic will set in during the first run that happens in chilly weather which in my estimation might be in about three to four weeks.

My brain is already telling me that I could drop down to the half and walk away satisfied because I’m fairly sure I could do a half tomorrow.  A full? I’d have to be full of myself or something else to think that I could handle 26 anytime soon.  But I’m still 8 weeks out or thereabouts.

It just might be a game time decision.  I think late summer, early fall runs tend to cloud me with doubt about being able to go the big distance.

Tomorrow I will just run a mile as fast as I can to get my brain back with the program.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.