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No, I’m not suggesting that you pack the kids, load the car and drive to the Jersey shore for a week so you can run 26 miles on the day between going to the zoo, the beach, the amusement park and Ed’s Gator and Reptile World.

What I’m saying is that if you are running a marathon this fall and if you are reading this you probably are then you’re in the middle of training, piling on mindless miles and wondering about what’s left of your sanity, your achilles tendons and your quads.

What I’m also saying is that this is the perfect time to take a week off from running and worrying about that chilly and dark November Sunday morning which is still two months away.  A week off at this point won’t kill you, it will probably make you stronger in the long run because your body desperately needs the rest.  You’ll come back stronger next week.

If you are in the running for the 50k first prize and the Mercedes Benz auto that comes with winning your marathon then you can ignore this post.  Otherwise, since you know that you’ll be driving home from your marathon in your Toyota you should not run today.  Or tomorrow or the next day.  It will be ok.

I’m taking the week off to heal from running in the summer heat and humidity.  I may plan another short vacation from running for sometime in mid October.

And when November rolls around and you’re parked in a corral that’s so far back from the starting line that they have run out of colors to identify you and your group you will forget all about that week in September when you listened to me and your body and did not run at all.

And you’ll still have all winter to rest.