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The kid went back last week and the task I assigned him for July and August went with him.  However, due to the lack of rain lately it looks like I won’t have to drag out the mower for another couple of weeks.  Leaf raking will then commence inevitably followed by the double ” s ” word – snowshovel.  Aaargh !

In other summer news – Ran into a guy who told me in all earnestness that if you play Pink Floyd’s ” Dark Side of the  Moon” along with the movie ” The Wizard of Oz” that a strange thing will happen.  Both tracks exactly line up – the recording and the movie.  No word if you immediately become enlightened or dizzy or have an urge to buy yourself a flying monkey.

I have neither the inclination nor intellectual curiosity to pursue this experiment.  Let me know if it really works and even if it does – I don’t care.

And finally on the Labor Day a local car dealer is having is it’s annual ” Car B – Que.”  Yup, you read that right.  Get a burger, fries and for $190 down you can drive away in a used Yugo or some other such vehicle.

I say give your staff the day off unless the ” Car B Que” is so wildly successful that everyone makes a zillion dollars in commissions and can afford not to to work for a month.  Otherwise shut the joint down and go to the beach or mow your lawn.  Better yet, mow my lawn.