Made a quick trip to my local Farmers’ Market this morning which, by the way has been featured in the NY Times, and finally realized something that has been staring me in the face for years.

And the realization is even more apparent since Donald Trump has now locked up or locked out the Hispanic vote forever for himself and the Republican Party.

I made a purchase at a stand where the proprietor who is immigrant from the Middle East was wearing a Chicago BlackHawks hockey jersey.  Wait, it gets better.

Not fifty feet away is the Cuban stand where I regularly get empanadas.  Around the back are the Germans selling imported items and continuing up the row are the Greeks.  Picked up some apples at the Mennonite stand. This is just my own informal survey of my little town’s market.

But my point is this – This is what America looks like now.  This is what America is now and probably what it has been for a long time since my grandparents fled from the Czar and landed here in the 1890’s.

” Get out of my country” is probably not the best campaign slogan ever but it’s not going to go away.  Maybe when President Trump deports me it will be to a place where snow shovels don’t exist.  I could deal with that.