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Great name for a song but the name of the tune is ” Eight Miles High” and it’s by The Byrds from way back in the 1960’s I think.  You can look it up on YT if you are interested.

In keeping with my mile- a- week marathon plan yesterday was my nine mile day.  Ran pretty easily through seven. The real work started during mile eight but surprisingly mile nine went pretty well.

That’s a good sign when with the end of the workout in sight you can increase the pace and drive it on home.

The add a mile  a week plan is like slowly stretching a rubber band.  Each week gets a little easier and the body is able to adjust slowly.  Ask me in 7 weeks when I have to run 16 if I still have such a sunny and optimistic attitude.  But for now, for today, I’ll rest on my laurels.

As summers starts to pack her bags I’m seeing more and more runners scurrying around on weekends doing what I can only guess are their long runs for the week.

How lucky we are to be runners.