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Catchy title for a tune eh?  Two observations from recent runs.

Someone had chalked the following message on a sidewalk:

” Hey Good Looking, Hope you Have Nice Day.”  Is that great or what ?  I went around the block twice and got to read it two times.  I pretended I was surprised the second time I saw it and was absolutely convinced that it was written just for me.  Well, why not?

Now to the other episode.  I was toddling through a parking lot at the end of Sunday’s long run when I saw a car pull into a spot right next to another car.  The parked car was occupied by a man and the car that pulled in was driven by a woman.

As soon as she pulled in the man got out of his car and went over to her car.  She got out of her car, they hugged and then both drove away in her car to points unknown for reasons unknown and activities unknown.

Draw your own conclusions, maybe they were married, not married, about to be married or about to be not married but in any case they both looked pretty happy to see each other.

Don’t Worry Baby- the secret is safe with me.