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Continuing with my crackpot theory of marathon training. I’m up to 8, count ’em 8 miles.

My marathon training plan is this: Add a mile a week to the long run, next week 9, the following week 10 and so on.  Doesn’t matter what I run during the week, a couple of three’s maybe a 5 but the week always ends with a long run.

I add a mile a week through August, September, October and into November where my last long run on Sunday, November 8 is a 20 miler.  Training ends.  I eat spaghetti for two weeks, watch the weather reports like a hawk and then tackle Philadelphia one more time.

Another theory got hatched this morning as the heat of the day built up.  I think that summer is the best time to start in new shoes because heat makes your new shoes more pliable and thus they mold themselves better to your feet.  Crazy – yes or what?

This morning as I set out to run 8 miles I had a tough time getting into a groove through miles one and two.  By mile three I was cruising, by mile five it was second wind time and as I hit miles six and seven I started to speed up.  Mile seven is where the real work began.  And O Happy Day when I clocked myself at 8 miles.

My reward for 8 solid miles?  Stopping at the local coffee joint where apparently no one can drink just regular coffee anymore.

Everyone has to have some exotic concoction of iced mocha frappe laced with candy and whatever. Yeah, I know, old man yells at cloud.

Doesn’t matter – I got 8 miles in my pocket.