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Earned a BA the other day on the roads.  BA meaning Bad Ass Degree.

Thought about running and thought twice when I saw ominous dark clouds off to the west.  The weatherman genius in me says probably going to rain at some point. Should I run or not run.

Then a realization hit me and it pushed me out the door.

Suppose on Sunday morning, November 22nd when I’m in Philadelphia getting ready to run the marathon the weather looks iffy.  Am I going to say, Naw, looks like rain so I’m going back to bed.

The short answer to that will be no. So would the long answer and the only answer would be no.

And that thought is what got me out the door in an effort to outrun the storm.

As you might expect I caught in a downpour. I can run in rain.  Running in thunder and lightning which I did not expect is another story.  And that’s when I earned my Phi Beta Kappa BA.  Got up on my toes, dug down for some speed and killed the last mile all the way home through rain and thunder.

My diploma was waiting on the front porch when I arrived home.

Final score: Phil 5.8 miles, Rain headed out of town.

Is it too early to check the ten day forecast for Philadelphia for November 22nd?