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Opening Day part one was back a few weeks ago when the 2015  baseball season began.  We’re about a week away from the Fourth and a few weeks out from the All Star game and the mid-point of the season.  That’s baseball but there is another Opening Day around here that’s just as important.

Training for the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon begins tomorrow or today depending on the time zone you’re in and when you read this post or if you read it a week from now or you never read it in which case it the dates won’t really matter now will they?

My ” Foolproof ” training plan (their words, not mine) actually suggest starting on July 1st but June 29th is close enough for me.  Besides, it’s a plan I have used since 2013 and if I begin training in earnest tomorrow I end up with a tidy 20 week program that ends one week before Philadelphia which is on Sunday, November 22nd this year.

It’s a marathon of a plan and my training is far from an exact science but experience has taught me to allow for injuries, lack of motivation, lousy weather and, oh yeah, having to work.

There will be a third Opening Day sometime in late September, again depending on your time zone, when Marathon season begins.  Be sure to check local listings for 26.2 miles in your area.  I’ll be sure to note that Opening Day too.

That’s the beginning of our (we runners), Championship season. It’s our playoffs, our Stanley Cup, our NBA Finals, ourWorld Serious (no misspelling there), our Olympics and our Super Bowl.

It’s when thousands and thousands of us aim to finish what we humbly started with a modest three mile run on a Monday at the end of June and end with an easy 12 mile week.  It’s when thousands of runners shut down dozens of roads in many major American cities for the better part of a Sunday morning and into the afternoon.

By next Sunday, Week one will be in the books. There’s no turning back especially since hotel reservations have been made, entry fees have been paid and there are Foolproof plans to made and Foolproof plans to follow.

This is gonna be great.