Heard this in a song last week and I’ve been trying to use it as inspiration for a post.  The line has rattled around in my head all hours of the day and night and I felt like I was chasing a ghost in an effort to make sense of those eight words.  Finally got it during a run, which incidentally, is where and when I do my best thinking.

The line dates to a song I first heard somewhere during the mid 1970’s which was during the North Mulberry Street days, a coming of age demarcation if there ever was one when I stumbled into a happy accident and started working in the entertainment industry which continues to this day.  Lucky me forty years later.

Don’t scratch your head trying to think of the source of the lyric, I’ll fill you in before I finish the post.  However, the words are attributed to a Mr. J. Browne of Somewhere, Southern California.

As ten years became twenty and then thirty and now passing forty I am finding it helpful and reassuring to look back and to be glad with the choices I made or didn’t make so many years ago.  I guess it’s an age thing especially when the days when you don’t HAVE to work anymore are coming into view albeit not anytime soon but those days are a lot closer than than they were in 1976.

We all had those brave and crazy wings even if we didn’t know it at the time and even if we didn’t know what to do with them.  I suppose that’s a blessing of youth we took for granted.  Honest, I started doing gigs because I was trying to make a living and pay my rent.  I was good at it, I liked it and I got paid.

Bingo – Career Choice Trifecta !

I think maybe now is the time to resurrect those wings as I’m still trying to make a living even though I’m no longer 25 years old and no longer in residence in the third floor apartment.

As I get older those third floor days get closer and happier in my brain.  Maybe it’s a symptom of getting on where one remembers the distant past better than yesterday.

Whatever the reason I reiterate Lucky Me for sure.  North Mulberry Street is only about three miles and forty years from where I now write this and yet it seems like next door and only last week.

Who knew we had wings?  I knew were crazy.  Brave?  Maybe.

In any case, dust off your brave, your crazy and your wings.

The youth, well,  Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Goodbye…

I think I’m just getting started again.

” Late For The Sky – 1974 – Before the Deluge.”