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Bonus points if you can name the tune that contains that line…but first…

A good three and a half miles the other day.  The kind of run that when one is already feeling good makes you feel during the rest of the day that you really are higher than a kite can fly.  I was the beneficiary of such a run and such a day.

Knocked off the three and a half and when I got back home I forgot that I had just run.  It was that easy.  The kind of run that doesn’t tax you or wear you down.  The kind of run that puts miles in your tank and miles in your bank.  Philadelphia is 5 months away and every little bit helps.

Jump in the car headed north for coffee and the land of ridiculously cheap parking.  All I got is a quarter, I slap it into the slot and the words” Five Hours” appear on the little screen.  Five cents for an hour of undisturbed parking.  I think the last time you could get an hour’s worth of parking for a nickel was before cars were invented.

But here’s where the benefits of my run kicked in – On the drive it seemed like my windshield was so clean and so big I could see from horizon to horizon, maybe like they do in Montana or a place like that.  Surely not in South Central Pennsylvania.

While I’m marveling at the view, all the while keeping my hands on the wheel and listening to The Allman Brothers Live at the Filmore East and in particular ” In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” it hits me like a ton of bricks – I just ran three miles plus, I’m not sore, I’m not tired, I’m not anything but feeling better now than before I ran.  Is that great or what?

If you can name the tune that the post title come from I will personally treat you to a week of parking in a town a little north of here and a little south of there.

And a cup of coffee to boot.  Coffee there is substantially more expensive than parking but what the hey?  We could get a cup to go, sit in the car listen to Duane and Dickey and enjoy our status as smart frugal consumers and genius parkers.

Maybe we need to knock off a couple of miles before we go.