My usual airline of choice for business and pleasure travel is being merged, taken over, swallowed and crushed by another airline company his summer.

I liked the guys I flew with and did not especially go out of my way to travel on the other airline.  In fact, I was so fond of my usual airplane company that a couple of years ago I got one of their credit cards.  See, it has a picture of an airplane on it so it must be authentic.

Now the merger, the synergy is in progress and that can only mean bad things for me, the flying public.  I have been welcomed with open arms to the ” New ” airline company and that includes my frequent flyer miles and my credit card.

I receive a cheerful email at least every three or four days telling me how great life is gonna be once the two airlines become one.  As I said that includes me, my credit card and my miles.

As part of the transition, I know I’m taking a long time to get to the punchline but I think the build up may just be worth it.

As part of the transition to where the sun shines every day, it never rains, planes are always on time and flying is actually not a despicable chore anymore I got a new credit card from the new airline.

OK, cut to the chase.  Today’s happy mail tells me that I can earn a gazillion miles just by taking three, 3, count ’em, three roundtrip flights to Europe. Show of hands please how many of you were planning to take three trips to the continent this summer.  I’ll forward you the message.

As luck would have it I was planning NO roundtrip flights to Europe this summer.  They must have me confused with someone who A – has money, B – has time for three transatlantic trips and C – someone who who thinks the airline merger is a good idea because as we all know large corporate mergers never work out for little guys like us.

In any case I have resisted asking to be taken off the ” Ain’t We Great” email list because those little rays of electronic sunshine are fairly amusing given their lack of grip on any reality including mine.

I am planning a car trip to West Virginia this summer – does that count?