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See you when the summers’ through…A song perhaps…?

So for all the whining and complaining about last winter it seems that the summer of 2015 has arrived a good five weeks early.  Which means that my marathon training is already proceeding ahead of schedule leaving me plenty of recovery time for the inevitable aches, pains and unexpected injuries.

Here’s my unscientific but personally proven marathon training schedule:

Get a calendar and circle Sunday, November 22nd which is the day of the Philadelphia Marathon.

Cross out two weeks prior to the 22nd as my last long run will be on Sunday, November 8th.

Work backwards from there – 20 miles on the 8th, a 19 mile run during the week of October 25, maybe 18 during the week of October 18, possibly 17 during the week of October 11 and so on and so on marching backwards through time to where Saturday, August 7th is scheduled to be a 6 mile run. I’m already at 6 miles.  I should be easily be running 10 milers by the middle of June.

Pick a date and add a mile a week until 20 miles and two weeks from the marathon coincide.

The math and the calendar dates work.  If this year is anything like years past I’ll probably top off at a 16 miler sometime during early November and that will be that.

It’s not like I’ll be undertrained, well, yes I probably will but after 9 marathons I know me.  I believe that experience and guile will help me navigate 26.2 miles. I also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny but 26 miles in Philadelphia in November is like an old friend.

A belly full of bagels and bananas is my race day secret. Bananas and Powerbars at 6 and 13 miles are key.  After 13 it’s off to Manyunk (aka the Valley of Despair) and the turnaround at 20.  I plan to eat a pretty big meal the night before the marathon.  I don’t know but it works for me.

Most marathon training schedules assume that the sun shines every day, you don’t work, you never get sick or injured, your kids are perfectly behaved and self sufficient, the cat never throws up, and if you do work you can avoid working weekends and you like getting up at 5 am to run in August because it’s gonna be 97 degrees by noon.

August brings us a new pair of size 10 Saucony Rides from my local running store.

September has a number of half marathons around here so they pretty much fall right in place when I need to run 13 organized miles.  The week of November 15th is already designated as eat spaghetti every day week.

My goal is run through the summer and fall without getting injured.  Well, yeah, who’s isn’t?

Watch this space for periodic and humorous updates on how the summer running plays out.  Anyone else got big plans for the fall?