Satchel Paige once said,” Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood.”  It wasn’t fried meats that angried up my blood this afternoon.  Only a number of factors just out of my control which I thought could only be conquered by a good exhausting run.

Out the door I went scowling and pushing the pace.  I thought I’ll just run until I had forced all the angry out of my system.  Besides, it might turn out to be a good tempo run which is something I needed.

Somewhere around mile I don’t know I was still pushing the pace but my unhappiness had turned to thoughts of how great I was feeling and questioning how long could I keep pushing.

Usual stopping points?  Not today.

Take the long way home – Yes.

Looking for an extra hill?  Absolutely.

I stopped and talked to a fellow who was about to climb up on a porch and start laying shingles and also chatted with a woman who walks her dog in the neighborhood and carries a plastic bag to pick trash along her route.  Those are acceptable pauses I’d say.

Bottom line is that today was my longest run of the Spring and my fastest.  I won’t be running with the same motivation tomorrow but occasionally it’s good to blow off some steam.

I suppose it’s my version of road rage that turns out to have a happy ending.

Ever have less than stellar and high minded motivations for running?