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What is it about running a couple of miles that gets one’s brain into a creative state?  Are those runners’ high endorphins really little Shakespeares in disguise?  Of course they are !

Long time followers of this space will note that I sometimes use my local newspaper for source material.  In yesterday’s edition there were five ads for hearing aids and a handful for retirement communities.

This leads to the obvious conclusion that the paper is generally only read by people over the age of 60 which while a growing demographic is also in the long term a shrinking one too.  To put it another way, no one under the age of 60 even knows what a newspaper looks like anymore.

My local paper in a desperate attempt to stay relevant to anyone has revamped and re- invented itself to be flashier, more colorful and as a result less like a newspaper.

There is a whole section devoted to what is ” Trending” once a week.  I think we used to call trending ” Fads” as in hula hoops or things like that.

If you want a pathetic example of an entity trying to stay hip, relevant and focussed I suggest you try your local tv news broadcast or the Today Show.

The one section of the paper that has remained fairly steady is the obituary page.  I read the obits on a regular basis.  They are a small and a short window on the lives of the not rich and not famous.  My kind of people.

There is a post somewhere back in the WP server I wrote titled ” Perusin’ the Obits.”  By the way, I was a pioneer in grammar usage dropping the final ” G” from words long before Sarah Palin stole it from me.  It’s folksy with none of that eastern, liberal effete high fallutin’ language.

The point of this post, I’m finally here, is that on the obituary page yesterday amongst the ads for hearing devices and retirement homes was an ad for, and I am not making this up, ” Honey Baked Hams,” with the tagline of seven bucks off any purchase of fifty dollars.

” In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations of Hone Baked Hams be made to the local Food Bank” which is really a neat idea.  Make a mental note to self.

Fifty bucks buys a lot of ham I suppose and with that seven dollars in your pocket your could load up on mustard and pretzels too.  But what is an ad for food doing on the page where the obituaries are printed?

Seems like an odd placement but then newspapers are in an odd dilemma these days aren’t they with a shrinking and aging customer base.

So this is what happens friends when you read the newspaper and then go running.  Your brain goes to weird and wonderful places.

Here’s to great summer of Running and Writing and all things which are not Trending.