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Out on the road yesterday for an easy run.  Quickly fell into an easy rhythm, troubles melted away and my brain went into an active and relaxed thinking mode.  Here is the result of those thoughts.

Ira Gershwin who wrote ” I Got Rhythm” along with his brother George was known to take his pen to any copies of sheet music that said ” I’ve Got Rhythm” and cross out the ” ‘ve.”  He was adamant about the song title.  Imagine being presented with that melody and tasked with writing the lyrics.  Originally the song was intended as a ballad.

As I was motored along with my brain, heart and lungs all conversing in a delightful cruising mode and hitting on all cylinders I knew I had found a sweet spot.

I read a book years ago by John Jerome called ” The Sweet Spot in Time” and it was about how when everything is clicking and humming along that you’ve found that special sweet spot.  He explored the science of the sweet spot, when every muscle and nerve from your toes to eyes and brain function flawlessly to produce that feeling.

You know when you’ve found that sweet spot when swing a golf club, a tennis racket of a baseball bat.  I contend that it also applies to running.

Imagine the millions of nerves, neurons, synapses all firing at the exact right moment to produce a sweet home run swing.  Yesterday I had the same delicious sequence of events while I was running.

I was surely present during the run but feeling so good that while I was there I wasn’t there at the same time.  If you’ve had that experience you know what I’m talking about.

Same with playing guitar.  Sometimes I’ll fall so deep in playing that I’ll hear music playing somewhere and have to snap out of my musical trance to realize that it’s me doing the playing.

Yesterday’s run was exactly like a waking trance.  So deep in that I was lost and the reward, well, you runners know the reward of the post run buzz that lasts for hours.

Tell me George isn’t in a sweet spot right here:

Call it what you will. For me it’s Reading, Writing, Running and Rhythm.