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Stay with me kids, this post covers a lot of ground.

Last week I was cleaning up leaves that I missed last fall.  You get to certain point in autumn when raking is no longer fun and surely not productive.  So I just let the leftovers sit hoping they would decompose over the winter.  They didn’t.

I’m out raking, the early spring wind is gusting and the fruits of my labor are not behaving and moving into neat piles but they are blowing down the street.  Then  a brilliant idea strikes me – Why don’t I just rake everything into the street and watch it all blow away which it does and which makes me a happy guy and a genius to boot.

But onto other things like Spring and running…

Ran a solid 3.5 this afternoon, worked up an honest to goodness outdoor sweat.  You know – the kind you just sort of revel in because it’s been so long since you’ve run outdoors in a t shirt and shorts.  A definite sign of spring.

Spring is springing for sure.  I was going to title this post ” Smells of Spring” using my shaky grasp of alliteration.  ( I was an English major you know)  But on my run this afternoon fragrances of the arriving spring are unmistakeable.

The ground has thawed and is warming up.  You can smell it, really, I sure can. The crocuses are crocussing, the buds are budding, the birds are birding, the geese are heading north and the runners ( including me) are running.  And as so often happens I’m inspired and writing again thanks to my run.  Ain’t it grand?

Living as I do in county rich with agriculture the eau de you know what is being carried on the soft afternoon breezes.  That definitely means spring has arrived.

The fix is in.  It’s Spring. Go run.