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You know that feeling I’m talking about.  When the finish line comes into view and you somehow, somewhere find another gear.

You dig in and your hips push open, you get taller, up on your toes and your breathing goes so deep you’re sure that you are about to explode.

It’s deep, your lungs fill and empty with every stride.  Each one gets a little longer, each breath goes deeper than the last and you feel like you could run through a brick wall.  Feet?  Nowhere near the ground.  You’re flying.

Yeah, that feeling.  I’ve missed it. Had a hint of it today and it woke up muscles and memories of running hard and running fast.

Crossing the finish line and struggling to catch your breath even though it doesn’t really matter because you know eventually will but the ecstasy of being winded beyond belief is worth the effort and energy.

Hands on knees, hands over your head, smiling and struggling to get your breathing back to normal.  Ha – what’s normal?  I’m a runner.

Smiles all around.

That feeling.  I sensed it it today in a hint of spring air.  Got a really good dose of it.

This is gonna be a great spring and a terrific summer.  Lace ’em up kids, we’ve got miles ahead of us.