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Had a conversation with a fellow stagehand this morning at a load in.  He told me about a show he worked on one day last week.  He couldn’t remember the exact day but he said it was the day it snowed.

To which I replied – “Now which day when it snowed last week?”  It’s all starting to run together anymore.

The color of my car officially is classified as ” Champagne Gold or Hawaiian Haze or Alaskan Mist” or some other stupid phrase cooked up by the whiz kids in the marketing department.

The car has transformed from light metallic green to looking like it got caught in a bakery warehouse during a free for all flour fight.  It’s now shades of white and grey. The streaks and splotches are very organic in their placements.  I like the look.

I’ll have to stop calling it the Millenium Falcon for something more appropriate like Frosty the Snow Car.  Any suggestions?

How about the ” Aloha-mobile”?