Wind chill, wind chill?

You chill champagne, you chill out and chill is four fifths of chilli and the country Chile.  Chilli is a warm and nourishing meal. Chilli peppers are hot and right now in Santaigo, Chile it’s 66 degrees.

Chill seems like a poor choice of words when it comes to plummeting temperatures and agonizing cold.  We need to come up with something new that does not include words which offend polite company.  And ” Real Feel” doesn’t cut it for me either.

I’m open to suggestions.

For example, when your local tv weather guy or gal says ” It will be 6 degrees tomorrow but with the wind it will feel like minus 142 so start whimpering and decide that you will have to take this lying down because you have no other choice chill.”

Wind freeze?  Wind temperature freeze enhancer?  Wind that will smack you in the face by a factor of ten or twenty degrees chill?

How about “Wind you best just give up because it’s so cold anymore chill.”


What would Chill Wills do?