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I used to do this when the kids were young but over the years I seem to have forgotten this tradition I invented.  At least I think I invented it.

First of all, show of hands  – Who does NOT have a pile of snow within 5 feet of their front door.  Yeah – I thought so.  Maybe the question should be who does not have five feet of snow at their front door?  Moving on.

Step one – Go outside and make yourself a couple of healthy sized snowballs.   Three or four will suffice depending on how many kids you want to amaze and entertain in 6 months.

Step two – Pop ’em in the freezer.  As they say on teevee – It’s just that simple.  Forget about them.

Step three – Be sure to enter your local Fourth of July road race when the time comes.  Five miles on the Fourth is how I always remembered the frozen treasures I had lurking in the freezer.

Step four – Run your race wearing red, white and blue and while your sweating your you know what off at mile 4 be sure to recall the frozen treats that are waiting for you when you get home.

Step five – You’re home – head to the freezer, gather up the young-ins and head out side for minutes of fun.  I say minutes because even a frozen snowball doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in you -know – where on a hot July’s day, especially our great national birthday.

There you go – Five simple steps to being a summertime hero with the kids.  Almost as much fun as shooting off fireworks at night during a snowstorm.

Don’t blame me if you shoot your eye out.

Cabin fever anyone?