This is about the new neighbor across the street.

The big house that faces mine went on the market over a year ago and it was way overpriced for anyone who lives around here to take seriously.  Eventually the house sold to a a buyer from New York.  More specifically someone from somewhere on Long Island who probably saw the asking price and thought it was a great deal which it most likely was considering his local real estate market.

The house changes hands and life goes on.  Then apparently in response to a small dustup with his new next door neighbor the guy across the street puts up what can only be described as a spite fence standing six feet high and running a good twenty feet long if not more along his property line.

I should mention that the first step in the fence process was to have surveyors plot the property and install small wooden stakes topped with pink ribbons.  I know you’ve seen them.

This is always not a good sign in a residential neighborhood that’s been around since the 1920’s.  The stakes are still in place as a kind of constant in your face reminder of what’s mine is mine and you better stay away.

Having lived in this township for almost thirty years I know that adding a fence like this requires a zoning appeal which I’m pretty sure the guy did not file since I never saw a notice for one but that’s another story.  We lovingly refer to our local municipality as ” The People’s Republic of XYZ Township.”

The new fence really doesn’t impact me but those annoying little survey stakes which are an eyesore bug me.

The guy has installed motion detector lights outside his house so that if even a squirrel scampers across the side yard after dark the property lights up like a San Quentin jailbreak at midnight.

Clearly the fence is here to stay and that’s a shame.  Looks like the stakes might also be permanent fixtures too and I would entertain the thought of swiping them in a daring midnight raid except that I know I’d be caught in spotlights and probably captured on a surveillance camera too.

If you see a person (me) on your local news in the ” Caught on Tape” segment please know that I was acting in the best interests of my neighborhood which after all has been around since the 1920’s.

Full disclosure- I was born in New York City and spent my wonder years growing up in Queens.  I’m a Mets and Jets fan and in no way prejudiced towards people from New York.  However I do have strong dislike for people who act like jerks.