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I used to be fast.  I look at times I logged 20 and 30 years ago.  Back then speed was important.  The line from the start to the finish was all that mattered.

What happened in between was not important.  Ready, set, go – water stops, where’s the chute, where’s the finish line, let’s go home.

That was then. This is now. I’m not fast anymore and I’m getting slower all the time but I’m still running. You can plot my running career on a bell curve and see my pace and mile times heading south on the backside of the curve. The finish line is just another town along the way.

What matters now is the journey and enjoying the miles.

The finish line is important in that it’s nice to complete what I’ve started when the gun or whistle or air horn goes off and that great mass of runners of all ages surges in the same direction at the same time in the same direction. The excitement and anticipation at the start of a marathon never gets old.

Crossing the finish line is important too but it’s the time and distance from 0 to 26 that’s really the thrill.

Enjoy the miles.