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Optimism on a Saturday afternoon in early February.  Temps have climbed into the upper 30’s, the sun is up and the wind has gone somewhere else.  My snowiest weather apologies, deepest concerns and sympathies for family and friends in Boston.

Trucked out this morning seriously overdressed and by 11 am it became quite obvious that I could put away my gloves, unzip the parka and still be comfortable.

Aside from the weather cooperating finally for a day there are other reasons I’ve got a smile on face and bounce in my step.  I hesitate to use the word spring in regards to my walk but that’s another story entirely.

In the local paper this morning buried on the bottom right corner of the sports pages is a small boxscore item.

To find it I had to wade through high school and college wrestling results, the NBA, the NHL, golf, high school and college basketball both men’s and women’s, the American Hockey League, college squash, bowling and high school hockey.

The category for the sports item is simply ” College Baseball” where a local college’s baseball team is in Winston-Salem, NC on it’s annual trip south in what amounts to their spring training.  Yes – they’re playing baseball in North Carolina!

Hope is the thing with feathers and baseball caps.

I saw two people this morning wearing both baseball hats and if that’s not a sign of springtime optimism then I don’t know what is.  In all fairness and reality the hats were of the Philadelphia Phillies variety so while the wearers may be optimistic the grim reality is that it is the Phillies we’re talking about.

Show of hands from people who thought that the Kansas City Royals would be in the 2014 World Series.  I thought so. That’s why we play the games.

So whether the groundhog did or did not see his or her shadow last week it doesn’t really matter.  My shadow is the only one that counts in the boxscore today it’s clear that I can see it and it seems to be sporting the outline of a guy wearing a baseball cap.

There will probably be another boatload more of snow before too long and that’s the reality of February and March.

February 18th – Pitchers and catchers report for the Phillies, Reds, Giants, Indians and Pirates.  Makes Groundhog Day a moot issue.