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Went to visit a friend and share a cup of coffee in a sleepy yet bustllng burb about 30 minutes north.  Can a town be sleepy and hopping at the same time?  Sounds contradictory on the surface but I’ll stick with my characterization of Elizabethtown, PA.

Pulled in behind the coffee joint and got ready to pay for the privilege of parking in a municipal lot.  The cost ? Five cents for one hour. Ten cents for two hours if you’re feeling large.

That’s no misprint friends.  Take a look at an actual photo of the actual parking meter:

photo 2

Not even a slot for a quarter.  The most the meter can handle at one time is two nickels or a dime.  Kind of like the land that time forgot.  I wonder who was President of these United States when these meters were installed probably to great hue and cry from the locals.  Ike?

And for that spare change you get to park with a no parking ticket worry free mind while enjoying your coffee and conversation.

No credit cards, no apps, no alarm to set on your phone warning when your time is just about up, no pocket full of quarters.  Just simple old fashioned spare change.

Which leads me to ask what would two hours of parking cost in your fair city?  What can you even buy for a nickel or a dime anymore?

Yogi once said regarding inflation,” A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.”  How true.

If you can beat 5 cents per hour for parking I will personally buy your next cup of coffee.

The person with the most costly tab for one hour of parking gets my sincere  appreciation and sympathies but not coffee.  Over void where prohibited.

Double parkers, ticket scofflaws and people who park illegally are disqualified because I said so.

The best 10 cents I ever spent.